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Use this section to create and configure your SSLVPN setting. IP Address allows you to enter IP address in various formats including, Single IP Addess (, IP Ranges (, Multiple IP Address (,,, or Subnet IP Address ( This option is only applicable to the SSLVPN CERTIFICATE SETTING section.

SSLVPN Certificate setting :

Certificate Select:
IP Address:
SSL Port:

SSLVPN setting :

Enable SSLVPN :
Name :
User Group :
   (Using Shift or Ctrl to select mulitiple options.)
Client Accessible Range :
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Through the use of web browser and the HTTPS or SSL protocol, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) VPN allows you to establish a secure private connection from a remote location over the Internet for access to your personal documents, shares, and other resources configured the Local Network of the router.

Configuring the integrated the SSL VPN server requires the creation of user account or multiple user accounts and groups under the Advanced > User Groups section, using or uploading a certificate and corresponding private key to provide the Local Identity of the router to remote VPN clients, and the configuration of SSL VPN server.

For more details information about configuring SSL VPN in your DIR-130, please visit the support menu.

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