Firmware Version: 1.01
Hardware Version: A1
Product Page: DIR-825
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USB Settings

Use this section to configure your USB port. There are several configurations to choose from: Network USB, 3G USB Adapter and WCN Configuration.

Note : If using the Network USB option, users will need to install the Network USB Utility into their computers to share the USB device through the router.

USB Settings

Choose the type of USB device to be plugged into the USB port.

Network USB :

Please setting Network USB Detection interval time, the router will automatically detect the USB device.

sec (range:3-600 sec.)

Helpful Hints...

Device drivers and the D-Link USB Network Utility must be installed on each computer that will use the device.

If you have trouble accessing the Internet through the router. Double check the settings you entered on this page and verify with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if needed.

For added security, it is recommended that you disable the WAN Ping Respond option. Ping is often used by malicious Internet users to locate active networks or PCs.

If you are having trouble receiving multicast streams from the Internet, make sure the Multicast Streams option is enabled.