Administrator Settings
Administrator settings allow you to customize User Name and Passwords as an Administrator of DWL-2100AP. The default value of the Username is "admin" with no password entered.

Administrator IP
By enabling this function only the user who matches the administrator's IP can manage this AP by using SNMP/WEB/Telnet/SSH. Default value is disabled.

User Name
Enter a password in the Access Point Password field. Type the password again in the next field to confirm it. The Password is case-sensitive ("A" is a different character than "a",) and must be between 0 and 12 characters in length.

Old Password
Enter the Old Password of the Administrator.

New Password
Enter the new password for the Administrator. The maximum number of characters to be used for passwords is 12 characters and the password is case-sensitive.

Confirm New Password
Please confirm your new password by re-enter the new password.

Telnet Settings
User can disable or enable Telnet function for DWL-2100AP and specify telnet duration allowed. The default value of Telnet function is "enable" with timeout default "3 Minutes".

Community string
Community string is the password to access the SNMP service. There are two types of community string on DWL-2100AP. Public Community String is for read-only and Private Community String is for read-write. The default values of Public Community String and Private Community String are "public" and "private" respectively.

System Settings
User can restart DWL-2100AP  to apply new settings or reset DWL-2100AP  to factory default.

Apply Settings and Restart
By clicking "Restart" button, DWL-2100AP  will restart and applied settings modified.

Restore Default Settings
By clicking "Restore" button, DWL-2100AP  will be reset to factory default.

Firmware upgrade
User can download the latest DWL-2100AP  firmware from D-Link website. Please visit for more information.

Update firmware From Local Hard Drive
User can change DWL-2100AP  firmware by browsing to the directory where the DWL-2100AP  firmware is located and update it by clicking "OK".

Configuration File
Update Configuration File
User can apply specific DWL-2100AP  configurations by browsing to the directory where the configuration file is located and update it by clicking "OK".

Download Configuration File
User can save DWL-2100AP  configuration to local hard drive by clicking "OK".